Are you in network with my insurance Company?

Engaged Speech & Language Therapy is in network and able to directly bill Premera (Blue Cross), Regence (Blue Shield), Blue Cross Blue Shield and Tricare West insurance companies.

But I don’t have one of those insurances, will my insurance still cover therapy?

Each insurance company’s speech and language therapy benefits vary greatly. Contact your insurance company for details regarding your insurance benefits. If your insurance is not “in-network”, you likely can still get insurance coverage through a private pay option. At the end of each month families will be given an invoice detailing the cost of services rendered along with other pertinent information including billing codes, diagnosis codes, Engaged Speech & Language Therapy’s tax ID, and Carmen’s license information. Families then are able to submit this information to be reimbursed directly by their insurance company. Please go to “billing information” for additional information.

How do I know if my child needs therapy?

I am happy to chat with you about your concerns and determine if speech and language therapy might be a good fit for your child. Oftentimes an informal observation or evaluation is needed to fully determine if speech therapy services are needed.

Do I join therapy sessions and what about siblings?

Parents are encouraged to join part or all of therapy sessions. My goal is to give you strategies to work with your child. Siblings can be very motivating in sessions and often it is beneficial to have them participate in part or all of a session. Every family and child is different though so we can figure out the best system pending your child’s response to therapy.

How often will my child need therapy and how long are sessions?

Sessions are typically 45 minutes which includes time to debrief with you about your child’s progress and ideas for home practice. The length of therapy can be adjusted pending your child’s response to sessions. The intensity of therapy is very individual and is based on a child’s needs and family situation. Typically children receive 1-2 sessions per week.

What do sessions look like?

Every child’s needs and learning styles are different so therapy is too! Some children learn best through play while other children benefit from more structured tasks. I often ask parents how their child learns best and go from there. Most importantly I believe that the best approach to therapy is to remain flexible and evolve pending a child’s response.

I have more questions before we get started…

I am happy to answer any questions /concerns you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and send any questions my way!