Engaged Speech & Language Therapy is currently in-network and able to bill the following insurance companies:

  • Premera
  • Regence
  • Tricare West

For families with these insurance plans, Engaged Speech & Language Therapy will bill insurance directly. You are responsible for your co-payment or co-insurance (due at time of service) and any out of pocket costs associated with your plan.

Out of Network

If you do not have one of the insurance companies listed, you can opt to pay Engaged Speech & Language Therapy directly. If a family wishes to pursue insurance reimbursement, the family will submit the bill to their insurance company. Please note that families are responsible for familiarizing themselves with their insurance benefits, as well as reimbursement policies as they vary widely. I am happy to provide additional documentation as required by insurance companies upon request.

If you have additional questions regarding my billing policies please refer to my Fee Schedules and Billing Procedures form or contact Carmen directly. I am happy to help!