Sunday Stories

I’ve got a book today that will entertain a 3 year old as equally as an 8 year old! It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Published in 1978, Pancakes for Breakfast by Tomie DePoala is the picture book I go to again and again!

cover pancakes

I love a good picture book in general because it allows children the opportunity to “read” to you. While listening to books is great, I love the language building that comes with telling (or re-telling) their own story.

The other reason I adore this story is the great opportunities it provides for inferencing skills! I love to have kiddos guess how the little lady is going to solve all of the ingredient shortages throughout the book.

pancakes inside

Perspective taking is another language skill that is easily targeted during this book. Let children guess what the animals are thinking throughout the book, and how the neighbors feel at the end when the little lady does not use her best manners.

Here are a few activities to pair with this book:

  • Make pancakes! Kids ADORE flipping pancakes. They won’t be pretty (and you likely will make a giant mess), but it’s pretty hard to ruin a pancake.
  • Make a sensory bin with dry pancake mix, pretend food and kitchen utensils. If you are feeling brave, offer a little bit of water to mix in to change the texture.

pancakes sensory bin

  • Practice story sequencing with visual supports.
  • Play Pancake Pile Up. This is a super fun game that involves balancing pancakes and following a pancake “recipe.” I like to target prepositions while I play this game. It was under $10 when I wrote this (I may just buy it)!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!





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