Sunday Stories

I LOVE books. Like I need a book intervention. I think I could get by with only using books in therapy sessions and be more than happy about it. That’s why I will be starting a blog series called, “Sunday Stories” where I will feature a book a week. I will provide you with ideas of skills to work on, concepts to focus on and sometimes even an activity to go along with it. I’ll let you in on a little secret… thrift stores are GOLD MINES for books. That’s where I get a majority of my books. I also frequently check out books from the library. Do you know you can place a hold of the books you want and then quickly check them out? This is a GAME CHANGER now that I have an infant and don’t always have the time to hunt down a book. My local library is the Fairwood Library. It was recently remodeled and is beautiful.

My First “Sunday Stories” book suggestion is “I Was So Mad” by Mercer Mayer.


Mercer Mayer books are usually under $4.00 on Amazon if you can’t find the one you want thrifted.

Why do I love this book? Kids just can’t get enough of it! Reading about feelings is a safe platform for kids to explore emotions. I bet your child will pick this book over and over again. Bonus- you will enjoy reading it too!

Things to target:

  • Thanks to the repetitious nature of this book, you can have kids help you complete the phrase “I was just so mad!”
  • Ask “why” questions to discuss the reason Little Critter is upset.
  • Discuss a time you were mad and ask your child to share.
  • Challenge your child to discuss different perspectives. For example, “Why do you think his mom is upset?”
  • Sing variations of “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” by including different emotions including “mad.”

Happy Reading!





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