Go to the Library!

Many parents often ask me for ideas of things to do with their young children that 1. Doesn’t cost a bunch of money, and 2. Is a safe place if their child is still working on listening/sitting/talking/etc. My go-to suggestion is the library! The library is not the silent place with the scary librarian that it once was! There are SO many cool programs and resources that you can access through the King County Library System. Here are just a few:

  1. Story time. This is a great place for kids to “practice” sitting and listening. If you child struggles with circle time at school, or you just want your child to get ready for preschool I highly suggest these. Many times they have activities that they pair with the story, which is great if you have a wiggle worm. I hear that the pajama story time is super fun!
  2. Kids Homework Help. There is a HUGE database of online resources and games organized by subject topic. It looks amazing and all accessible from home.
  3. Tell me a Story. A list of songs and poems that are searchable by subject. It would be fun to do one a week based on your child’s current interests or what they are learning about at school.
  4. Play and Learn. Did you know there are play groups that occur in various locations in King County that are free, and you don’t need to sign up for in advance? Access a list of locations and dates here

This is just a small sample of the resources that you can access. I highly suggest visiting your nearest library or perusing the King Country Library website to see all that’s available.




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