5 Targets when… Riding in the Car

Most families end up spending a lot of time in the car, oftentimes stuck in traffic. No judgement if you have to use an iPad to survive, but here are a few suggestions to help lessen the need for technology in the car (and bonus points for sneaking in language targets!)

  1. Play “I spy” using descriptors. For example, “I spy something that is small, round and black” (volume knob).
  2. Sing songs together. Songs are a great way to work on language skills, speech sounds, prosody, etc. You can listen to a Pandora station and sing along or make your own music. Change the way you sing for an extra challenge. For example, sing in a whisper, silly voice, like a pirate…whatever your kids imagine!
  3. Play a category game. One person picks a category and then everyone in the car takes turn naming something in the category until someone gets stuck or repeats something. Category ideas include food, weather, places, etc.
  4. Play travel Bingo. This is a great way to learn transportation vocabulary. Get the free printable from Carla Schauer Studio here.
  5. Have your kids “read” you stories. Put a small basket of books in the car and switch them out as needed to keep them fresh. This may be a great place for library books to hang out. Remember, if kids aren’t reading yet, it is perfectly ok (and actually wonderful) for them to make up a story by describing the pictures.

Do you have any “go-to” tricks for keeping kids “occupied” in the car? Have you worked on language learning in the car before? I’d love to hear!

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