Sunday Stories: That’s not my…

So today I am suggesting not just one book, but an entire series by Fiona Watt. I was gifted the That’s Not my Puppy book at my baby shower this past summer and thought it was the cutest. The friend who gifted it (a fabulous retired SLP) told me there was an entire series, and I had to restrain myself from Amazon priming (I’m turning “Prime” into a verb ok?) the whole bunch. Here is why I dig them…

  • They are “touchy-feely” books. Kids who are into tactile sensory experiences or get bored just listening to books will love touching each page. Also, it makes the series of books good from infancy to at least three years old (that’s on the low end).
  • They are simple and repetitive. If you haven’t picked up on this yet, repetition basically sells me on a book. Repetition means kids get to practice the same sounds and phrases, which makes them way more successful.
  • They work on adjectives. Also, because they have textured elements on each page kids get a “real life” example.

What can I work on?

  • Adjectives (no brainer). I would expand on this concept by going on a “hunt” in your house for items that meet a certain descriptor. For example, let’s find things that are “fluffy” like the poodle’s tail. You can have kids collect the items in a box or snap a picture of them together to work on adjectives on the go.
  • Negatives. Model negatives “don’t” and “not” throughout the week. Practice giving directions that include negatives such as “pick up all the shoes that are not yours” or “point to all the pictures that do not have yellow on them”.
  • Telling a story. These books are so simple a child could tell the story by themselves after just a few times hearing it.
  • Articulation. Pick a book with a sound you are working on. For example, if you are working on the /p/ sound, choose the puppy version.

Now it’s time to google “That’s not my books” and see all the ridiculously cute options there are! I especially liked That’s not my Hamster and That’s not my Tractor. May you show more restraint than I did!


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